Posted by: cpc09israel | March 3, 2009

Thoughts by Dorothy

On day 4(February 28, 2009 Saturday) we visited the “Way of the Cross” (VIA DOLOROSA). We entered the Old City through the Lion’s Gate and came out through the Jaffa’s Gate.

Different parts of the world have been divided into 12 gates, each named after the gates of the Old City, and allotted a time to watch and pray for Jerusalem 24/7.

Places like China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. belongs to the Lion Gate while Canada belongs to Jaffa Gate. When we were outside the Lion Gate, I was reminded of the Jews who were in Habun and Shanghai of China and how they longed to go back to Jerusalem but were not able to do so. Today we, a group of Chinese people fulfill their hearts’ longing.

When we came out of the Old City, Yaniv, our guide said they need the Jaffa Gate because they need to connect the port on the west and at that time, I know that Jerusalem, the heart of Israel, is linked to Canada which is called to heal the nations.



  1. Yay! and AMEN!!!… 🙂

  2. when I was reading your piece especially “VIA DOLOROSA”, it reminded me of the song of the same name and its yrics… and how GOD took that way– the way of suffering–so that we, as people would be saved and become one with HIM…

    Lyrics | Sandi Patti – Via Dolorosa lyrics

  3. sorry, I meant to post the video:

    Via Dolorosa (english, spanish (español))

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