Posted by: cpc09israel | March 3, 2009

Thoughts by Ariel

Today we went to Yad Vashem Museum, Western Wall and it’s tunnel, and Davidson Centre (Archeological garden – South Wall Digs). I was so touched at the Yad Vashem Museum. This Museum displayed a lot of Jewish Holocaust history. We used to or at least I used to think that Nazi Germany was the one who persecuted the Jew. In fact, all the countries were following Nazi Germany to persecute Jews and set up policies to make the Jews miserable. At the end, they all put the Jews into concentration camp or sent them back to Nazi Germany to be murdered. Unfortunately, Christian also accused the Jews as our precious Messiah murderer and persecuted them. I felt so ashamed that we all found guilty in the sight of our Lord.

When I reached the Western Wall (Wailing Wall), I thought I would experience something special when I touched the Wall. Well, nothing magically happened. All I could hear from God was God left the building and He is no longer here. Then where did He go??? Oh yeah, we are the Temple of God and He is residing in us.

Did I mention today we only have heavy rain but did not have strong wind to blow us away like yesterday?



  1. lol! get some knitted blanket with you, to keep you warm while you guys are touring, if you dont have enough jackets and sweaters to bundle up with… and think of Patrick la… miss you!!! take care!! 😉

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