Posted by: cpc09israel | February 27, 2009


Hi everyone! We wanted to post this last night when we arrived at the hotel, but was too exhausted.

Here’s what I wrote:

Shalom Canada! We’ve finally touched down in the Promised Land! It’s been quite a journey already, and we’ve really only just got here! From the 11hr flight, to the slight delay at customs, and even the traffic filled drive from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I keep wondering if it’s true — are we really here?

Our guide Yaniv has been nothing short of fantastic. He is extremely knowledgeable and very accommodating. We’re now at our Hotel (Moriah Classic in Jerusalem), and we’re calling it an early night today as we’re all very sleep deprived. We get down to business tomorrow, aiming to visit such places as Mount Zion, King David’s Tomb, the Upper Room(!!!) and Government Hill. Mike and I will be attending a Young Adult Worship Intercession in the evening (we are 7 hours ahead of Toronto), then our jet-lagged selves will probably hit the sac right after.

Apparently, it is going to be pouring rain these next few days just as we have arrived, but it is much needed as Israel has been experiencing a severe drought.

Time to sleep as we are waking up at 6am tomorrow! Good night afternoon, Canada!



  1. already 6 pm there… how was the worship intercession? I miss worshippin in a congregational setting… learn anything new, I want to know… eheh 😉 enjoy guys,

    Regards to Ariel and everybody

    love lots,


    • Hey tyreen!

      For some reason, the scheduled young adult intercession didn’t happen. There was a worship session, but our group was the only ones there. It was led by a young guy that seemed like he was from North America.

      Regardless, it was still a great time of worship! It would’ve been neat to worship alongside other young people though 🙂

  2. Zak,
    did everyone cheer and sing during touchdown at Ben Gurion Airport ? =D
    bluela xo

    • Actually, there was cheering and clapping as we touched down. We had a good laugh!

  3. Zak, from what I heard, it was not a slight delay at the airport. How was the interrogation room? The “dark” room, how someone put it? Hopefully they are not following you around now. Best thing to do when you are travelling, set your watch to the place you are going to and change your sleeping habit before you land, or do what I do and not sleep at all until you get there and then wing it through the first day and you should get a good night sleep at the end of the first day. Take care Zak. Let everyone one that I miss them all.

    • Our daily schedules have been planned so that we actually finish in the afternoon, and we are able to take a rest when we finish the day’s activities. I think we’re all used to the time difference now. Of course, afternoon naps help a great deal, hehe.

  4. God bless you guys and Isarel !!

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